Rockin' Rex Parties With Pizza

There are some days you just can't fix, like days where it rains. Then there are those days when the school bully gets on your case. Sound familiar? Jeremy Duderman can sympathize. Even though he is extremely smart, and one of the most awesome scientific minds of his generation, he gets picked on by bullies. Nobody seems to like him, either.

Imagine how cool it is, then, when Jeremy invents a device that alters a dimension so that pizza-loving guitar-shredding Rex Raditude can come onto the scene, and be the coolest dude in town? Rex has only one goal: to be totally rad.

But as cool as he is, it may not be enough to stop Emperor Buzzkill and his minions from ending all pizza parties. If that happens, then Jeremy's life will really be miserable! Think Rex Raditude can save th day?

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