Perils of The Pirate Princess Collected


Do you think you've had a rough day? In the world of Raven, every day is a challenge. But it has been six weeks since the attack on the ship and the loss of Sunshine. Now everyone is trying to get back to normal, including Ximena. But putting the pices of her life back together again may not be so easy. She has been putting off confessing her feelings for the love of her life, and now she's not sure how to be honest anymore. She just doesnt' have the words. She's finally ready to try and make things work, but she can't escape a feeling of dread. Is her relationship cursed? And what did happen to Sunshine? While the crew is sure she's dead, she has found a new life on a mysterious island. There does seems to be a ray of hope! While everything seems perfect, though, is there something terrifying lurking beneath the surface? Something...awful?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Princeless: Raven — The Pirate Princess Volume 5: Get Lost Together TP (APR181187). Look for it in the Comics/Graphic Novels/Print section of the April PREVIEWS catalog.